I. International A Luminary A Country Symposium

Dear Collegues,

As the members of Gümüşhane University, Gümüşhane, Turkey, we have decided to realize an academic study series entitled International A Luminary A Country Symposium. Focusing on a different country and a preeminent intellectual identified with that country every year, it aims to contribute to the academic world and create dialogue areas with the academicians from the countries in point and those from all around the world. By taking into consideration the requisites of our depth of affection, we have determined our study areas as the Balkans, Middle Asia, Middle East and Africa. Based on this idea, we aim to commemorate the luminaries prominent in different disciplines from art to literature and from politics to theology by unifying them with their countries. We hope to have the distinct honour of brushing up the heritage obtained from the previous scientific, cultural and artistic studies, and taking them a step further.

In this sense, we have chosen the first theme of our symposium series to be held on 3-5 October 2018 as Alija Izetbegovic and Bosnia Herzegovina. After his demise on 19 October 2003, besides lots of things, young generations received the admirable struggle of a pioneer and ideals of a luminary who enlightened the spiritual and thought world of people. With his resolution, discourse, stance and acts against the silence of western political forces in the early 1990s, he was undoubtedly a warner and a teacher who reminded mankind what they had lost.

We have intended to commemorate this distinguished luminary on the 15th anniversary of his death and open a new door into the academic world in order to contribute to the sensibility concerning him and his country, Bosnia Herzegovina. We desire to carry Alija Izetbegovic into future by unifying him with his country through our symposium during which, not only as a statesman but also as an intellectual profoundly competent on East and West, his many model characteristics such as his look at art, mode of politics, sense of struggle, passion of freedom, religious understanding, moral stance, educationist view and activist walk will be discussed. We wish to set a precedent in symposium world in our small but lovely city, Gümüşhane. 

We are honoured and pleased to invite you to the 1st International A Luminary A Country Symposium: Alija Izetbegovic and Bosnia-Herzegovina

*Symposium languages are Turkish and English. 

* Participants do not have to pay registration fee. 

* All expenses of the participants from abroad will be covered by the organising board and TIKA (Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency).

Abstract Submission Deadline has been extended to 14 June 2018 due to the great interest and intense demand.